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Welcome to the Interior Revolution. Studio 42 Design, LLC. is a firm dedicated to creating seriously impactful design, striving for the highest level of green building, composing our client's vision, realising an inspiring and functional space, and working within the clients budget. Impact design centers on creating a design for a client's vision that elicits an emotional response when the occupant enters the new space. We are capable of both residential and commercial designs, coordination with architects and contractors, as well as project management.

The Story of Tierno

Back in grade school somewhere I was given a t-shirt that said "Rugged Individualist". Now in my forties I still own that shirt and keep it as a reminder of who I am and what direction I should take in my life. There have been times in my life that I did not heed that inspiration and those times, although not the best in my life, have given me the reinforcement that being who you are is the key to success.  

In my professional career I have been many, many things. I was an insurance claims specialist, a route sales rep for a soda company, and a manager of a coffee shop to mention only a few. And while gaining success in all those positions, I still felt like I was not who I was meant to be. In 2009 I had a breakthrough, or I should say my wife Marni did. After completing the renovation of the master bath and basement she asked why I am not doing this for a living.   I couldn't think of one reason and I started the Masters program at Chatham University in Interior Design and graduated in 2011.  

Since then I have worked for two architecture firms as and interior designer and a kitchen equipment consultant firm as a project manager. It was time for me to take the next step and have created my own company, Studio 42 Design. Thanks for checking out my site and I can't wait to work with you!

Why would I ever need an Interior Designer?!?!?!

Now that you know what I am all about, let's see why I would be good for your project. An Interior designer not only picks finishes and furniture but, we have also studied how you and your environment relate. A good environmental relationship works, is easy and makes you feel positive. A bad relationship with your environment is frustrating, can create stress, make you feel sad, and even affect your health.  

As an Interior Designer I am responsible for creating a space that not only is beautiful and functional, but is good for your physical health and mental well being. 


Chris was a pleasure to work with. He assisted us from start to finish with our complete kitchen renovation project. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He frequently made himself available to help us select finishes, colors, and other products needed for our kitchen. His kitchen design was exceptional and a testament to his keen eye for home design. - MIKE O. - Mt. Lebanon Kitchen Remodel

Christian has great taste and an eye for design. - GERALD T. - Brentwood Apartment Renovation


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